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Don't make this mistake with your content!

December 21, 20233 min read

Don't Send Potential Customers to Your Website Without Doing This!

The Vital Step in Digital Customer Sales

Before you let another potential customer visit your website, there's something crucial you need to know. Have you ever thought about the number of potential customers you might be losing when they click on external links from your site or social media pages? Let's dive into why it's crucial to use pop-ups to capture customer information before they head off to other sites.

Email List Building Lead Magnet Lead Capture

Let me set the stage for you...

When people potential customers connect with you on social media & have an interest in the products or services that you offer. The next thing they do is head over to your site to check pricing & availability. From there, they either immediately "add to cart" (which unfortunately is ONLY 1 out of 10 times 😱) or they leave.

Then what?!

Put yourself in their shoes for a second, how often do you re-visit a site without prompting (aka a reminder, sale, promo or one of your friends asking if you bought xx yet 🤪)?

I'm going to bet your answer is "not that often".

So let's talk about the power of adding these potential customers for your biz to an email list and how that can impact your bottom line!

Before we move on, let's define a LEAD. A LEAD is anyone that expresses an interest in your products or services. Essentially anyone that is liking, loving, commenting or following you. These are all LEADS for your business!

The Power of Lead Capturing

  • The Role of Pop-Ups: Before visitors head to external links, pop-ups serve as a net to capture valuable leads. Think of it as a friendly "Wait, before you go!"

  • Building Your Email Arsenal: Your email list is a goldmine. With every captured lead via pop-ups, you're adding potential customers to your marketing arsenal.

Why Letting Visitors Go Without Capturing Them is a Missed Opportunity

  • Fleeting Attention Spans: In the digital, social media world, attention is fleeting. You have about 3 seconds to catch people's attention. A visitor who leaves without engagement is likely a lost opportunity.

  • Redirecting Challenges: Once they've clicked away, getting them back is an uphill battle. The likelihood of them seeing your content again is unfortunately extremely low!

Pop-Ups: They are More Than Just Interruptions

  • Boosting User Engagement: A thoughtfully designed pop-up can significantly enhance user experience by offering value at the right moment.

  • A Channel for Feedback and Interaction: Use pop-ups not just to offer goodies, but also to encourage feedback and social follows, making your brand stickier.

Getting the Most Out of Your Content

  • Your Content's Worth: You've put effort into your content. Ensure it works hard for you by using pop-ups to secure a return on your investment.

  • Nurturing Long-Term Relationships: Captured emails are the start of a journey. They're your ticket to nurturing relationships that can lead to sales and brand loyalty.

Your Next Steps:

Before you funnel any more traffic to your website, pause and think: Are you making the most of each visit? Ensure you're not letting potential customers slip away. Pop-ups can be your best friend in building that essential email list and driving your business forward.

Let's Talk Strategy! - Wondering how to set up effective pop-ups or what kind of lead magnets to offer? Grab my FREE Workbook below that gives you 10 ways that you can start adding potential customers to your email list ASAP!

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